Month: January 2020

The Back Table Ep.34 – Chimps On Bath Salts

Episode #34 with hosts Andrew Crone & Josh Ashton w/ Bonnie Esson This week the gang chats about Pearl Harbour, scary Australian camping, Goofy Movie, potent feminism, Baha Men, and Bonnie’s marriage prospects… Facebook pages…jHT4SXCqVhwFMAhQ

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First Date

Ep01 You get introduced to Chad for the first time in all his weird perfection, while Chad makes his first attempt at flirting with a woman.

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The Back Table Ep.33 – Fridays Without Borders

Episode #33 with hosts Andrew Crone & Josh Ashton w/ guests: Uncle Gus, Kyle Vestner This week the fellas talk about Kyle’s cousin Chad’s dating life and schlickin’ off to softcore tv porn. Andrew gets grumpy trying to introduce a new segment, Angus has big nipples and Josh goes to the homeless doctor. Facebook pages…

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