Month: April 2020

Eat Ass Love

Chad’s mom finds out about his tiny hands. The podcast gets a soundboard. The fans finally find out how big of a savage Konrad actually is.

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Fill Your Horn With Oil and Take a Heffer (1 Samuel 16)

Ep121 (1 Samuel 16) Kyle postulates that universal education is a waste of money. We go over the fates of the 12 Apostles of Jesus. Simon Peter is notable for inventing Bad Religion’s logo. Saul’s tenure of the kingship has come to an end, at least in god’s mind, so god has his mouthpiece go…

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The Back Table Ep.46 – Dave’s Cancelled

Episode #46 with hosts Andrew Crone & Josh Ashton This week David Kopp stops by to talk about all the shows he isn’t doing, nighmare wheelchair gigs and possible gigs on the moon. Agent Orange piss-puke bombs a wine tour, and the fellas talk about creep catchers… Outro music by Adam Charles Wilson from Civiliana…

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