Month: January 2023

Sorry not sorry

In this episode, Sam and Jordan discuss the Trial of Socrates. Circa 399 BCE, Socrates was put on trial for atheism and corrupting the youth of Athens. Socrates delivered one of the greatest non-apologies of all time, and was promptly sentenced to death.

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EP 1: The Return

We’re back! In the long awaited return of the philosopher-kings, Sam and Jordan recount what happened in their long abscence, and share their predictions for 2023. Tune in next week for Part One of the Trial of Socrates.

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I Killed Your Dog in the New Year of 2023

EP 25It’s 2023 and your favourite bitches are finally back!After a long, unexpected, lazy yet traumatic hiatus in 2022, Talk-a-lot-Taskov and Buttons Brittany are back with more veterinary mischief.
The girls tell tales of 2022 with tequila!As per us…

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