360 R***** Flip (2 Samuel 8-10)

EP136 (2 Samuel 8-10) Kyle has the worst hangover of his life. David completes his systematic genocide of the Moabites, Arameans, Zobahites, Edomites, Philistines, and other peoples in graphic detail. After returning home with the belongings of now extinct people groups David decides to do something magnanimous and do something nice for his desceased best friend and lover Johnathan. He hooks Johnie’s crippled lad up with a castle and a bunch of slaves to run it. Mephibosheth (say that out loud right now) is grateful and David goes back to what god intended: killing his neighbors. The Ammonites team up with the Aramean and their combined strength is no match for god and they are easily defeated and slaughtered. A listener confides that she is a non-believing christian in a christian school.