Rainbow Hypocrisy – (Genesis 6-9)

EP3 (Genesis 6-9) God already regrets making mankind at all and decides to kill almost everyone. He does this by flooding the entire planet. Fortunately for living things god instructs Noah to build a big ass boat and put two of every kind of animal on it. Rainbows are involved somehow.

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Dumb Snakes – (Genesis 2-5)

EP2 (Genesis 2-5) of the story takes a dramatic turn. The woman god put there causes the fall of all mankind and basically ruins life for everyone. Adam and Eve get kicked out of Eden and begin the arduous task of populating the entire earth. Due to overcrowding of the planet the first murder takes…

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In The Beginning – (Genesis 1-2)

EP1 (Genesis 1-2) of the Bible Beaters podcast Kyle and Caleb explain (poorly) the idea behind the podcast and a little bit about themselves. Then they go back into the beginning of time starting Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. We go over the first week in existence and…

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