Beautiful AND Smart (1 Samuel 24 – 25)

EP128 (1 Samuel 24 – 25) Caleb returns from Isolation Festival. Saul has dealt with the Philistines in his rear and returns to pursuing David. David and 600 of his buddies hide in a cave. Saul decides he needs to drop a king sized deuce in said cave. As the fart sounds amplify off of the natural acoustics David’s men tell David that this is the moment he has been waiting for. David creeps up behind Saul and cuts off a corner of his cloak. He uses this to prove to Saul that he does not intend to kill Saul. Saul totally believes him which may last for 5 minutes. David, then moves on to the richest guy around’s property and stands next to his goats. For this “protection” David affords he demands compensation. The rich guy’s hot wife gives David a bunch of food. David spares the rich man’s life but he dies of natural causes 6 days later. David takes this rich mans wife and property. A listener has a dream to be interpreted.