Hitler’s Angel – (Genesis 30-31)

EP12 (Genesis 30-31) In this episode of the bible beaters Jacob (the deceiver) uses the classic scam of peeling almond branches and putting them in the watering troughs of spotted or speckled goats in order to rip off his father in law of his fattest animals. After this somehow works, Jacob decides hes had enough of his overbearing father in law and takes his two sister wives and flees. Rachel steals her dads gods (statues). Laban pursues and eventually catches up but then god speaks to Laban in a dream and tells him not tell Jacob anything good or bad. Immediately ignoring god’s warning Laban tells Jacob everything. Laban accuses Jacob of stealing his gods and searches every where for them but Rachel sits on em and says shes on the rag. Laban gives up and decides to make peace with Jacob. A heap of rocks bears witness to this momentous occasion.