EP23 (Exodus 9-11) The magicians duel is heating up. Pharaoh’s magicians bow out at producing gnats so Moses goes 6 steps further and with god’s help plagues the Egyptians with dead livestock, festering boils, giant balls of hail, swarms of locusts, darkness one can feel, and death of every first born human and animal. Then god commands the Israelites to celebrate culling the firstborn of everything every year with a special festival called Passover. Everyone knows hows festivals can get a little crazy and Passover is no different. First you slaughter a healthy 1 year old male lamb and smear its blood on 3 sides of your door frame. Next eat the whole lamb. If somebody is visiting from out of town they have to be circumcised if they wanna partake and avoid the angel of death. I heard the chainsmokers are headlining this year.