Two Chicks at the Same Time – (Genesis 29-30)

EP011 (Genesis 29-30) So Jacob stole his hairyness’ inHAIRitence. Well more specifically his birthright and blessing (which there is a finite amount of for some reason.) Esau the orangutan is pissed and vows to kill his bro. Jacob flees like the mama’s boy he is and whilst running away gets tired and has a nap that inspired the greatest rock song of all time. Jacob ends up running into his uncle Laban who happens to have two daughters for Jacob to marry. Laban’s swindles the deceiver in to 7 years of labor to marry his own cousin and give Jacob the other sister. Jacob gets scammed into another 7 years for the cousin he really wants. Now he has both his cousins under one roof the sisters get in a baby making contest. Leah gets the upper hand so Rachel starts using her slaves vagina. Leah doesn’t wanna get left out so she employs her slaves vagina. chaos ensues.