Bible Beaters

Don’t Kink Shame God (1 Kings 21)

Ep176 (1 Kings 21) Blessings to the patrons! Kyle shares his feelings for once. Ahab, the worst king in 7 generations, whom god helped win a war against 32 kings, wants to buy Naboths vineyard. Naboth will not sell his vineyard. Ahab throws a temper tantrum and stop eating until his bea Jezebel takes matters…

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Muhammed Toast (1 kings 18)

Ep172 (1 kings 18) Caleb has a run in with a crazy person. At Bethel church in California and they hold 6 days of resurrection services before having a funeral. Are miracles even possible? Next we have absolute banger of story. Elijah returns from the desert to tell the king to go fuck himself in…

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Bible Beaters Goes Heavy Metal (1 Kings 16)

Ep170 (1 Kings 16) Today we react to 2 thousand years of oppression. Some genius put gods voice to guitar and we had to sit through it. In bible times we had to sit through 3 non hall of famers to get to Elijah the greatest prayer of ALL time. You wouldn’t believe how lame…

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