Bible Beaters

Lower Brain

EP153 This week we discuss the erection results and after Kyle wipes away his crocodile tears we get back into the story of Israelite succession. Solomon is king and the first thing he does is kill his dad’s enemies. His half brother Adonijah, who had just tried to steal the kingship, asks his bro for…

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We’re All Fucked

EP152Happy last Halloween ever (maybe). In this podcast we talk about the lockdown, and the response to it. We discuss the nature of governance and when/how to to resist government overreach. We speculate on the immediate future and the prospect of civil unrest or living under totalitarian regimes. The bible is alluded to but not…

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More Prayer’s Per Dollar! (1 Kings 2 1-13)

EP151 – (1 Kings 2 1-13)In is episode of the podcast we get to the bottom of how big of a piece of shit king David really is. But first, we respectfully discuss UFC, and Kyle’s piece of shit studio. David learns of Adonijah’s plot to take the throne and thwarts it. He goes on…

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