Daddy in Heaven (1 Samuel 20-21)

EP125 (1 Samuel 20-21) (Psalms 11 & 51) Kyle is right and Caleb apologies thereby fulfilling the prophecy. After David confirms that Saul is out to kill him, he flees to the land of Nob where he lies to the priest so that the priest will help. The priest is out of regular bread, but he does have some holy bread. Holy bread can only be consumed if you have not had sex in a few days. Luckily for David, he gets less pussy than Sylvester the Cat, so he eats some bread then writes a couple poems about how hard his life is. The priest furnishes him with Goliath’s old sword; a powerful weapon recognizable anywhere in the kingdom, before sending David away. Running low on options David takes the most reckless of chances and walks into the hostile land of Gath. He is immediately recognized by his enemies and brought before the King of Gath. Thinking quickly, David pretends to be insane and it totally works. A listener asks us about the problem of evil.