Dear God, Burn This Nation Down (1 Samuel – 2 Samuel)

EP131 (1 Samuel – 2 Samuel) The fella’s return from a camping trip to find the world on fire. Kyle opened his mind to acid and may never be the same again. In the bible king Saul’s life culminates in the deaths of all of his sons and the total destruction of Israel’s army. After all hope is lost king Saul asks his armour bearer to end his life. The armour bearer is a basic bitch and a bad friend and says “you won’t do it pussy!” Saul promptly does it and it was badass. So badass the armour bearer follows up with his own swan sword dive. David learns of Sauls death from some self serving liar who tries to take credit for the soduko. David executes this weasle immediately then sings a song about it. Keith corrects us on the topic of gods evil.