Door to Door Rapists (Judges 20)

EP107 (Judges 20) Hurricane Wesley has come to town. The tribes of Israel are preparing for war! Yet another perposteroni tony sized army (400,000) Jew’s show up to avenge the Levite’s concubine. They send messengers to Benjamin demanding the evil men of Gibeah to be turned over and the Benjaminite’s tell the rest of Israel to go fuck themselves. The lord decides the tribe of Judah should be the first into battle and they are slaughtered by the Benjaminite’s losing almost 50,000 men in 2 days. The Israelites decide to ambush the Benjaminite’s by drawing them from their walled city and kill them by the thousands in the open field. Only 600 Benjaminite’s survive. Somebody listened to 38 episodes of this podcast in a row and has advice for us.