The Philosophers Stoned

Hosted BySam Labun & Jordan Strauss

A comedy podcast about philosophy with Sam Labun (B.A. and M.A. in philosophy) and comedian Jordan Strauss. Email us with questions or proposed topics at

Episode 27: Dao, All The Way Daon

This week we struggle to comprehend the ancient Chinese philosophy of Daoism. Daoism is believed to have originated with the mystical sage Laozi, or “Old Philosopher.” Dao means, “way” or “path.” The way you do everything- the philosophy you live by. your morning routine, the way you walk down the street- is your dao. Dao is for humans as water is for fish- Zhuangzi. Even the act of choosing between daos is itself a dao- a dao of choosing. You can dao a dao. “Dao that can be dao-ed is not constant dao,”- Laozi. Confused yet?