The Philosophers Stoned

Hosted BySam Labun & Jordan Strauss

A comedy podcast about philosophy with Sam Labun (B.A. and M.A. in philosophy) and comedian Jordan Strauss. Email us with questions or proposed topics at

Episode 38: Anarchy

In this episode, we discuss philosophical Anarchism. Anarchy means the absence of government authority. Anarchists come in many forms, but Anarchy does not necessarily mean moral nihilism and chaos. As Alan Moore writes in V for Vendetta: “Anarchy means ‘without leaders,’ not ‘without order.'” The essence of anarchy as a political ideal is that human beings can be sufficiently rational and autonomous to rule themselves. However, as long as the State exerts paternalistic authority over us, human beings can never achieve their true potential. Therefore, all human beings have a moral obligation to overthrow the State. Send all questions and comments to