The Philosophers Stoned

Hosted BySam Labun & Jordan Strauss

A comedy podcast about philosophy with Sam Labun (B.A. and M.A. in philosophy) and comedian Jordan Strauss. Email us with questions or proposed topics at

Episode 40: Nothing

In this perplexing episode, we discuss why there is something rather than nothing. Quantum physics says that there is something rather than nothing because the quantum energy field naturally fluctuates from potentiality to actuality. But philosophers-of-nothing persist: why is there is a quantum energy field at all? This question seems like an impossible riddle. However, as Ludwig Wittgenstein argued, a riddle without an answer is not really a riddle. If a question can’t be answered, then either there is something wrong with the question, or the answer lies beyond the capacity of our language to express. Can “nothing” be?