This is the final episode of Season One of the Philosophers Stoned. Stay tuned for Season Two! In this episode, we discuss the beliefs of one of the most notorious thinkers in history, Karl Marx. In some ways similar to Hegel and Nietzsche, Marx believed that history was dialectical, or a struggle of opposing sides working towards an ultimate outcome. However, unlike Hegel and Nietzsche, Marx predicted that the labour classes, the united workers of the world, would eventually overthrow the elites, and usher in a golden age of Communism. Marx believed that Communism, when successful, would be a hybrid economic/social system that promoted human flourishing by allowing people to develop their personal capabilities and interests to their fullest extent, while participating in a vibrant community of equals. Although critics of Marx point to the terrible failures of the Soviet Union and the pseudo-Communism of modern China, many Marxist thinkers still believe Communism is inevitable. Send questions and comments for Season 2 to