Ep186 It’s the beginning of the the hottest week in Canada’s history. Kyle’s new neighbors have called the cops on his parties. After in enjoying the presence of the Shummanite woman Elisha meanders over to Gilgal and on the way him and his buddies make a stew. Somebody throws some poison in the pot by accident but Elisha sprinkles some magic flour in the pot and it becomes safe to eat. His next quick trick inspires jesus in the future. He feeds a hundred people without much food. Finally, the General of Aram (present day Syria) gets leprosy so he brings a bunch of gifts to the king of Israel in order that he will be healed. Elisha tells him to jump in a river and he will be healed. It happens and then Elisha servant tries to take the presents for himself and gets the leprosy the General used to have.