God’s Ant Farm (2 Samuel 11)

EP137 (2 Samuel 11) Some young lady tries to witness to Kyle via tinder. She politely directed us to an apologetics website that makes a lot of really good points. 3500ish years ago a guy named David was maybe conquering all of his neighbors. After awhile he grew tired of this and came home for a nap. After his nap he went to look over his kingdom as if he were Mufasa from his rooftop. From his perch he spied some big ol’ tiddies and sent his homie to inquire further. He banged her and then felt bad about it because it was his buddies son’s wife and its just bad form. So he sent for buddy (Uriah the Hittite) and did some real not cool things to this guy. A listeners asks us if hentai is a sin.