Holy Ghost Power (1 Samuel 25 – 26)

EP129 (1 Samuel 25 – 26) Kyle gets into a frisbee golf fight. Kyle eloquently recaps David’s life for the past year or so. David has escaped into the desert of Ziph. He recruits some scouts and sneaks past Abner son of Ner into Saul’s camp and absconds with Saul water bottle and spear. Once again David’s men encourage him to end Saul’s life but David will not lay a hand on god’s anointed. Once David shows Saul that he could have killed king Saul yet again, Saul realized his wickedness and promises David he will not try to harm him again. David then goes back into the land of Gath and starts raiding and trading from land of the Philistines. A listener asks us about christ’s sacrifice.