I Eat Ashes for Breakfast (Psalms 54, 56) (BONUS)

EP127 (Psalms 54, 56) This is the official opening of the book of Psalms. Honestly, the Psalms kinda sucks so we are giving it to you as a bonus. If your wondering what happened at 6:30, we had to edit a part out for being too funny. It’s basically the equivalent of finding David’s diary. It’s full of poems about how everyone is mean to him, how he’s gay for god, how he gets sad sometimes, and how he gets glad sometimes. We talk about why the Psalms are included in the bible, the glaring contradictions inherent in choosing parts to apply to your life, coming to religion later in life, and of course the Jews. Kyle even reads for a bit. If you hate it go ahead and shit on us in the comments.