After experiencing technical difficulties, Velina and Brittany are back! 

The girls are talkin’ shit again, and by shit, we mean canine fecal excrement.  

While Velina is “enjoying” her leisure time in quarantine, Brittany shares with us her fears of being kidnapped by a client and that her dreams of becoming a professional dog groomer are dashed! 

Brittany and Velina are ADR in this episode as Velina discusses her setbacks with her quarantino vino meanwhile Brittany loves her job so much she traps clients into conversations. 

Taking a left turn off vet topics, Velina despondently binges Yellowstone and gets a bit worked up in her investment into the show before the girls discover a new segment: Vent-a-lot-Velina.

When is it a good time to ask your vet friends for advice?