I Killed Your Dog with Abbie


The girls are stoked to try out their new equipment and sound effects, especially ‘Buttons Brittany’.

In this episode, our hosts are joined by a chiller Vet Tech, Abbie as the boxed wine (goon bag) flows so does their conversation about practicum students, overtime, and burnout. 

Abbie opens up about her horrible euth experiences, turtles, and crazy taxidermy stories. 

‘Vent-a-lot-Velina’ loses it about clients abusing drugs of addiction and ‘Buttons Brittany’ joins in with the frustrations of clients who date human nurses and think they know everything. 

Finally, the girls announce their hopes and dreams to take the pod on the road next summer. 

Disclaimer: sorry if you don’t like listening to people chewing popcorn!

Recorded: 2nd Dec, 2021

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