I Killed Your Dog with Dr. Mike Bugg


*Recorded today, released today, can you believe this shit?*

We are joined over the phone by ‘Social Vet’, Dr. Mike Bugg, Co-host of The Veterinary Project podcast and author of “You’re gonna get peed on”

The girls crack open some tequilas while they talk to Miserable Mike about his journey through the veterinary industry, now turned into Motivated Mike. 

Stories include; vet school mishaps, buffalo shenanigans, gaining financial freedom, and the story behind his book title. 

Follow his podcast on insta @theveterinaryproject or jump on their website to purchase your copy of Mike’s book today. www.theveterinaryproject.com

Buttons Brittany and Talk-a-lot-Taskov are back in full swing, stay tuned for more episodes.

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