Recorded in April 2021, in this episode Velina and Brittany ‘whine while we wine’ with super surgeon Dr. Jock! 

Sadly our hosts have some sound quality issues (AGAIN) and it’s not just coz Velina is a few stubbies short of a six-pack and sings Brittany a song. (best to listen with earphones)

The girls cackle along as Jock opens up about the time she discovered she doesn’t know shit about “non-Mexican walking fish” (The Axolotl)
Brittany thinks she is famous and quickly discovers despite her newfound fame she is still non-essential. 

Vent-a-lot-Velina strikes again as she laments over clients emotionally blackmailing her and her relationship with the Popo.

Jock shares her wisdom with us about numerous topics; ectopic ureters, handling dangerous clients, using Vietnamese in consults and making mistakes. 

The girls giggle way too much in this episode so join in the fun and email us ikilledyourdogpodcast@gmail.com or follow us on insta @ikilledyourdogpodcast


Music Credit: Bliss n Eso – Family Affair (2010)