EP 20

It’s been a while since our latest episode but after some sound quality setbacks we have returned to our favourite state… tired after a shift and drinking our despondency away. 

Brittany sounds far away in this episode, because she is! Our guest this week is Dr Lan and she openly admits to being a clinic slut. (Working at different clinics, get your mind out of the wet sink!)

The girls touch base on many topics such as Lan’s adventure as a vet in the UK, covering the most important UK topic of all, tea and biscuits.

We also discuss UK labs vs American labs, foxes, the mark of the beast and Lan’s accidental racist clients. 

Lan continues to delight us with stories of Australian vetting; Goannas and Snake bite cases followed by messy euth stories.

Velina vents about her triage woes as Lan learns a “new” way of healing conjunctivitis in dogs. 

As always the girls have a new beverage to soothe their stories, this week we have “cow piss” AKA a Soju cocktail. 


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