Nagged To Death (Judges 16)

EP103 (Judges 16) Caleb returns from California with some good stories and he’s very sorry for being 4 days late. Samson, the bane of the Philistines, is surrounded and locked in a town while he bangs a prostitute. He wakes up and tears the city gates out from of the wall and marches them to the top of a nearby hill. It seems that Samson can’t get enough of that Philly tang and marries another Philistine woman named Delilah. She nags him for weeks and after giving her several wrong answers Samson reveals that the secret to his strength is his new fuckin haircut, or rather, the fact he has never cut his hair. She haves his head and hands him to the Philistines who gouge out Samson’s eyes and chain him to a mill stone. A listener asks what heaven is like.