Have You Met Chad?

He's as douchey as he is clueless. His pickup lines range from cringey to wtf does that mean. His best friend and comedians take control of his online dating and attempt to fix the problem.

Hosted ByChad Mcdonald & Kyle Vestner

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Chad Does Stand-Up?

Ep81 Chad get’s called up on stage, does he go? Kyle has too much fun on the boat, then...

Bae in the Wild

Ep80 Chad runs into a chick he’s talking to online, in real life and has to make a tough...

Pictures Just For Chad

Ep79 Chad reconnects with bae on Tinder. We go through a girls pictures and Chad explains which pictures she...

Too Many Chicks

Ep77 Chad get overwhelmed with babes and is having a hard time keeping track of them all.


Ep76 Chad tries to figure out how to tell a girl he doesn’t want to hang out.

Wolf Pact (fixed audio)

Ep75 Jordon Eggleston joins the boys. Chad’s master manipulation blows up in his face. The boys throw some puns...

There’s a Party in My Pants and You’re Invited

Ep74 Chad and Kyle get back on video. Chad reveals the story of meeting Mitch Hedberg’s niece. He gets...

Begging For It

Ep73 Chad and Kyle get it done after the move, studio or not. Chad uses his tried and true...