Have You Met Chad?

He's as douchey as he is clueless. His pickup lines range from cringey to wtf does that mean. His best friend and comedians take control of his online dating and attempt to fix the problem.

Hosted ByChad Mcdonald & Kyle Vestner

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Ep95 The boys meet up for a hometown pod.

Eat Ass LOVE

Ep93 A classic pod but this time Konrad’s in love.

Absolutely Gooned

Ep89 Somehow the girl doesn’t bail and Chad actually went on the date!

MC Chad Mc’D

Ep88 Chad MC’s a wedding and kills it then goes on Tinder and does the same. What is happening?

Crystal Healing

Ep87 Kyle gets his aura cleansed by a crystal hippie then gets a nice surprise. Chad has a busy...