Have You Met Chad?

He's as douchey as he is clueless. His pickup lines range from cringey to wtf does that mean. His best friend and comedians take control of his online dating and attempt to fix the problem.

Hosted ByChad Mcdonald & Kyle Vestner

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Absolutely Gooned

Ep89 Somehow the girl doesn’t bail and Chad actually went on the date!

MC Chad Mc’D

Ep88 Chad MC’s a wedding and kills it then goes on Tinder and does the same. What is happening?

Crystal Healing

Ep87 Kyle gets his aura cleansed by a crystal hippie then gets a nice surprise. Chad has a busy...

Fuck Pad

Ep86 The boys are making some D1 athletes. The bae’s message back and somehow this time Chad DOESN’T fuck...

Have You Met Alex

Ep85 Paige joins the boys once again! Chad has an actual date and Kyle gets a complicated booty call.

Hutterite Wedding

Ep83 Kyle travels to Winnipeg to party with Chad, then the boys head to a family wedding.

Horny Boat Ride

Ep82 The boys are getting ready for a Hutterite wedding. Chad finds two cucks in the wild. Kyle breaks...

Chad Does Stand-Up?

Ep81 Chad get’s called up on stage, does he go? Kyle has too much fun on the boat, then...