Have You Met Chad?

He's as douchey as he is clueless. His pickup lines range from cringey to wtf does that mean. His best friend and comedians take control of his online dating and attempt to fix the problem.

Hosted ByChad Mcdonald & Kyle Vestner

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Chad’s First Dick Pick, Live!

Ep07 Chad sends his first dick pick ever, live on air. Then immediately panics when she doesn’t instantly return...

Playa’s Gunna Play Play Play

EP06 Follow Chad as he attempts to take all of his Taylor Swift knowledge and meet the girl of...

Inside Baseball

EP05 Chad is in his own head and gets way too clever for his own good.

Chad’s Got Game

EP04 Chad surprises us with some clever lines, maybe he will figure it out after all.

Kick Me In The Balls I Like It

Ep03 Without knowledge of fetishes or if they even exist, Chad unironically asks a girl to kick him in...

Chad Wants A Big Brother

EP02 Chad discusses making it to the final cuts of big brother last year and how his recent audition...

First Date

Ep01 You get introduced to Chad for the first time in all his weird perfection, while Chad makes his...