I Killed Your Dog

Comedian and Vet Technician, Velina Taskov and Vet Assistant Brittany Hartfelder host the I Killed Your Dog Podcast, where the only thing they kill is your perceptions of the veterinary industry.

Listen to these two facetiously giggle at macabre stories and candidly discuss the foibles and rewarding work of Veterinary Medicine.

Hosted ByVelina Taskov & Brittany Hartfelder

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I Killed Your Dog in quarantine

After experiencing technical difficulties, Velina and Brittany are back! 
The girls are talkin’ shit again, and by shit, we mean canine fecal excrement.  
While Velina is “enjoying” her leisure time in quarantine, Brittany shares with us her fears …

I Killed Your Dog with Heather

EP 18
Due to technical difficulties, (shit wifi in Aussie plague jail) we were unable to release our intended episode so this week’s episode was recorded in NOV 2020, Canadian edition!Our guest this week is Dr. Heather, a self-professed mega nerd veterin…

I Killed Your Dog at LAX

Velina and Brittany do an episode at LAX airport before Talk-a-lot-Taskov is to board her plane. The girls drunkenly discuss Velina’s Seattle adventures and her FIRST first-class experience. 
Cockroach Brittany talks about her week at work; idiopath…

I Killed your dog with Velina and Brittany in the US and A

EP16Booze over the Border!Velina is stuck in the States while Brittany is dealing with a mud storm back in Kelowna. The girls catch up on their week and read out messages from their listeners full of dog jizz and praise. Pictures from the episode on inst…

I Killed Your Dog with Laurie

EP15The girls are joined by Laurie, a Vet tech with 20 years of experience! Velina and Brittany prattle on about Vee’s covid test and flights going to Australia. Laurie starts off with a banger of a story: dog semen and cows being attacked by bears with …

I Killed Your Dog with Liz

EP14 In this week’s episode, we are joined by Liz, a vet assistant that works at a local animal shelter. 
The girls ask about the difference between working at a vet clinic vs working at a shelter. Liz tells us about ducks, goats, African greys and rats….

I Killed Your Dog with Velina and Brittany 2021

EP13 HAPPY NEW YEAR Y’ALL!!! The girls recap their New Years’ shenanigans full of snow mishaps and comedians doing...

I Killed Your Dog with Michelle and Pru PART 2

EP12 LAST EPISODE OF 2020!!  The girls say goodbye to the last Aussie edition of I Killed Your Dog....

I Killed Your Dog with Michelle and Pru PART 1

EP11 In this episode, Brittany and Velina express their concerns about clinics shutting down due to Covid-19 and clinic...