I Killed Your Dog

Comedian and Vet Technician, Velina Taskov and Vet Assistant Brittany Hartfelder host the I Killed Your Dog Podcast, where the only thing they kill is your perceptions of the veterinary industry.

Listen to these two facetiously giggle at macabre stories and candidly discuss the foibles and rewarding work of Veterinary Medicine.

Hosted ByVelina Taskov & Brittany Hartfelder

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I Killed Your Dog in the New Year of 2023

EP 25It’s 2023 and your favourite bitches are finally back!After a long, unexpected, lazy yet traumatic hiatus in 2022, Talk-a-lot-Taskov and Buttons Brittany are back with more veterinary mischief.
The girls tell tales of 2022 with tequila!As per us…

I Killed Your Dog With Katreen

EP 24
Katreen is a Registered Veterinary Technician originally from BC but studied in Olds, Ablerta. She is our special guest today as we moan with mimoasa’s and swiftly change to rose while we rage. 
Listen to the girls dissect wrinkles, horse hearts an…

I Killed Your Dog with Abbie

The girls are stoked to try out their new equipment and sound effects, especially ‘Buttons Brittany’.
In this episode, our hosts are joined by a chiller Vet Tech, Abbie as the boxed wine (goon bag) flows so does their conversation about practicum st…

I Killed Your Dog On Our Anniversary

Happy 1 Year Anniversary! We made it team! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!In this episode, we find Brittany and Velina reunited as they ‘whine while we wine’. They both get way too drunk and waffle on about Talk-a-lot-Taskov’s return to North America as a refugee,…

I Killed Your Dog with Jock

Recorded in April 2021, in this episode Velina and Brittany ‘whine while we wine’ with super surgeon Dr. Jock! 
Sadly our hosts have some sound quality issues (AGAIN) and it’s not just coz Velina is a few stubbies short of a six-pack and sings Britt…

I Killed Your Dog with Lan-Chop

EP 20
It’s been a while since our latest episode but after some sound quality setbacks we have returned to our favourite state… tired after a shift and drinking our despondency away. 
Brittany sounds far away in this episode, because she is! Our guest …

I Killed Your Dog in quarantine

After experiencing technical difficulties, Velina and Brittany are back! 
The girls are talkin’ shit again, and by shit, we mean canine fecal excrement.  
While Velina is “enjoying” her leisure time in quarantine, Brittany shares with us her fears …

I Killed Your Dog with Heather

EP 18
Due to technical difficulties, (shit wifi in Aussie plague jail) we were unable to release our intended episode so this week’s episode was recorded in NOV 2020, Canadian edition!Our guest this week is Dr. Heather, a self-professed mega nerd veterin…

I Killed Your Dog at LAX

Velina and Brittany do an episode at LAX airport before Talk-a-lot-Taskov is to board her plane. The girls drunkenly discuss Velina’s Seattle adventures and her FIRST first-class experience. 
Cockroach Brittany talks about her week at work; idiopath…