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We are not in to monkey business. Listen to us if you want unfiltered updates on the latest hot topics. No filler, no gimmicks, no unnecessary bits. We are professionals who pride ourselves on our ability to please and not offend. Strap on your thinking dildos and get ready to thoroughly use your cerebral cortex.

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Melvin, Electric Wizard of Sleep

The last Track from “Ishmael VI: Side One” will summon an unstoppable force that will haunt Side Two…

Eat the Sun

Track 8 From the Upcumming album “Ishmael VI”


Track 7 From the upcumming album “Ishmael VI”

The Tarbox

An ode to Barb Tarbox and Track 5 from the upcumming album “Ishmael VI”

The Back Table Ep.83 – Chicks Dig Stumps

Episode #83 with hosts Andrew Crone & Josh Ashton This Week the dudes talk about Covid at Big White,...