Such and Such, and So and So (2 Samuel 16-17)

EP142 (2 Samuel 16-17) It’s better to get pissed off than pissed on. David continues his pity parade until he meets Mephibosheth the cripple he helped before. Janky legs hooks him up with a bunch of donkeys, bread, wine, and figs. David moves on to the next town where he meets a relative of dead king Saul who rightfully blames David for the war and tells David to go fuck himself. We get a little sidetracked talking about hunting rodents. Back in Jerusalem, Absalom, the hottest dood in Israel, is advised to publicly fuck his dads palace prozzies to incite a war. Absalom has 2 advisors that tell him to do such and such or so and so. He decides to go with so and so then David has to run away again. Caleb runs away to Sweden.