Such and Such, and So and So (2 Samuel 16-17)

EP142 (2 Samuel 16-17) It’s better to get pissed off than pissed on. David continues his pity parade until he meets Mephibosheth the cripple he helped before. Janky legs hooks him up with a bunch of donkeys, bread, wine, and figs. David moves on to the next town where he meets a relative of dead…

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Egg Warmer (2 Samuel 15)

EP141 Egg Warmer (2 Samuel 15) The fellas are recording first thing in the morning and its as exciting as morning radio. Absalom, the hottest dude in Israel, begins glad-handing townspeople and sowing sedition undermining king David. The sexy Jew is suceeds in enticing the people of Israel to his side and king David is…

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God’s Ant Farm (2 Samuel 11)

EP137 (2 Samuel 11) Some young lady tries to witness to Kyle via tinder. She politely directed us to an apologetics website that makes a lot of really good points. 3500ish years ago a guy named David was maybe conquering all of his neighbors. After awhile he grew tired of this and came home for…

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