Take My Daughter I’m Not Looking (Judges 21)

EP108 (Judges 21) We discuss the business of saving souls. We pick up the biblical insanity right where we left off. After the total destruction of all Benjaminite towns, the men of Israel make an oath to not give their daughters to a Benjaminite in marriage. All of the sudden the schizophrenic Jews feel bad about what they did to Benjamin and weep bitterly. They hold a meeting which the tribe of Jabesh Gilead does not attend and this is about as good a reason as any to kill all of the men of that tribe and take their daughters to be wives for the Benjaminite’s. The only problem is that they are about 200 young virgins short, so the Israelites hatch an even wackier plan. They tell the Benjaminite’s to hide next to a dance party and steal the girls they want and carry them back to Benjamin. A listener follows up on an email about conservative parents.