God Feeds Humans Like Ducks – (Exodus 15-18)

EP25 (Exodus 15-18) Kyle gets robbed by a homeless person and has to buy his own phone back. Caleb cracks a guys teeth in half. In the Bible god’s chosen people are celebrating the major victory god gave them by drowning their enemies who foolishly tried to follow them across the dry bottom of the Red Sea. Miriam writes a song about it and Caleb sings it horribly. Red Sea 1 – Pharaoh 0. Caleb explains what a tambourine is for no reason. Next the Israelites follow a trail of magic bread to a water hole with magic wood to make it taste good. The Amalekites are wiped out of existence by Moses’ holding his arms up. Moses then gets some good advice from his father in law and forms the first government of Israel (the people not the place because they don’t know how to get there lol).