The Great One (Judges 9)

EP99 (Judges 9) Happy Demon Christmas! This is the story of Abimelek, a bastard, one of 71 sons of Gideon. Abimelek decides he doesn’t want to share power with his 70 brothers so he tricks them into hiring mercenaries that he uses against them. After this betrayal the youngest brother, Jotham, warns the Shecemites if they follow this evil king Abimelek their kingdom will burn. Abimelek gets away with it for 3 years until god sends a demon to make the citizens turn against their king. The citizens of Shecem hatch a plan to rebel against Abimelek under a man named Gaal. Gaal leads army to fight Abimelek and is defeated and driven out of town. Abimelek burns down the tower of Shecem with 1000 men and women inside. He goes to the next town to do the same thing but has a millstone dropped on his head. We get an email from some Christians who somehow still like the podcast.